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We make custom quizzes that will predictably generate up to $100 000/month & 50 000 leads/month  

Quiz – is a «must-have» solution for your online performance to skyrocket conversions in a new way

It’s a «lead machine» addition to your existing web resource
to maximal ROI from paid advertising.

Old way
Traditional business websites, landing pages

Expensive development costs
Long development
Expensive advertising costs
Standard conversion rate
No gamification
No «WOW»-effect
Minimal contact information

New way
Quiz marketing

2 times cheaper

Quiz development costs 2 times cheaper than a standard landing page or website.

Fulminent development

The time for creating and launching a quiz is much lower than for a classic web resource.

3 times less

Costs for paid advertising campaigns compared classic website targeting.

Up to 5 times more

Conversions in comparison with a standard landing page, at the expense of one simple step - pass the test.


Application in quizzes of the mechanics of gameplay, such as competition, rankings and scoring systems, to non-gaming contexts.

Strong «WOW»-effect

New interactive way of user’s survey arouses interest and a desire to pass it.

Better segmentation & understanding of audience

With quiz you initially have an idea about your new lead’s wishes & requirements, to continue working with him more productive.

Want to test a niche, new product or service?
Find out if there is a real demand?

And get -10% OFF on custom quiz development + other BONUSES!

What is Quiz marketing?

Quiz is a new format of lead generation in which visitors answer the questions offered to them, so they have more involvement and interest.

After a person passes the survey, a "hot" offer is made to him based on his need.

For this reason, the likelihood that a person will leave phone number or email increases many times over.

Today, quizzes, or as they are sometimes called, polling sites, have become very popular. Quiz-landing helps to increase the conversion rate of traffic from visitor to lead. And with quality elaboration, this tool will attract thousands of potential customers to your business.

We offer you to develop a quiz-websitee with individual design and well thought out questions for potential clients. To do this, we will analyze your target audience to find an approach to them, we will offer a "tasty" gift or a bonus, which will "catch" the visitor.

The goal of creating such a website is to help you bring in more customers to your business with the same marketing budget!


Why does the quiz website works?

Offer (trade offer) hits exactly to the goal, covers the client's need, he quickly gets what he was looking for.
The site requires from the visitor only one simple step is to pass the test.
Interactive tests with worked out questions for target audience involve visitors.
According to our statistics, on average 87% of quiz visitors open tests, 74% reach the end of the test and up to 58% leave a request.

6 stages of quiz
development & launch


You fill out a brief (a list of questions about your business), we study it in detail, if you have any questions, we contact you and discuss the necessary points.


Prototype & questions

We develop a prototype and questions for a quiz, send it to you for approval.  We make edits, if necessary.



The designer creates a layout from scratch, after which you check it and make edits, if necessary.



After all the approvals, the programmer makes up the site and sets up all integrations.


Ad campaign set up

In parallel with the above works, our specialist sets up advertising, which you can also check before launching and make the necessary adjustments.


Maintenance and optimization

After launch, we manage and optimize your project so that you get more results for less money.


Let us make fully featured expert level custom quiz
& boost your conversions!

And get -10% OFF on custom quiz development + other BONUSES!

Our latest work

Quiz is a great way to gamify and interact with potential customers.
Quizzes are used by companies of every size.

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What is included in custom quiz development?

Fully featured
Niche analysis
Unique design creation
Quiz content writing
Responsivity on all devices
Interactions & animations
Google Analytics
Requests on Email, Telegram, Google Sheets
CRM integration
Fast & secure hosting for 12 months
SSL certificate for 12 months
Technical maintenance for 12 months
And get -10% OFF on custom quiz development + other BONUSES!
Advanced advertising campaigns – fuel up your quiz!

After quiz creation we’ll set up fine-tuning & high conversion ad campaigns in GoogleAds, Facebook & Instagram networks.


Google Ads & Youtube Ads campaign

What did you get:

Fine tune settings. Exact compliance with the interests of visitors based on keywords & preferred settings.
Quick start. Launch campaigns from several hours & start growing.
Istant result. Сustomers from the first day of launch that came from max. relevant ads.
Payment for the result. You pay for clicks, not for impressions. And flexible budget & bid management.

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads campaign

What did you get:

High user activity. Almost all free time your potential clients spent in FB & Instagram.
High precision targeting. You can choose an audience based on deep behavioral preferences.
Variety of Ad formats. Different ad formats for greater engagement: 1 or several images for ad, video ads, ads in Stories etc.
Different interactions. Choose how you want to pay for running campaign – for impressions, views, clicks or leads.

Who will work on your project?

Project Manager

Supervises all processes and every stage of the project. Keeps track of maintaining the high quality of services provided


Studies and analyzes the product, niche, competitors. Creates questions for quiz, text and site construction, makes a prototype


Makes a unique design for your quiz so that it looks beautiful and evokes certain associations in visitors on a subconscious level


Layout the site, does all the necessary integrations and settings

PPC specialist

Develops contextual advertising so that you get hot clients from the 1st day of the project launch. Optimizes and improves performance

Target Ads specialist

Configures ads on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin so that you get maximum conversions to quiz

We want to create a perfect quiz for you!

We are quiz-marketing gurus, ready to boost your lead generation process with powerful expert level quiz-website & advanced advertising campaigns.

Do you want to know more about our expertise, tools & services?
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